All the SPARC guys hanging out B'Day Party with SPARC 2008 Birthdays for Brian, Kyle, Monica, Hazem 4.30.10 Cakes for SPARC 2 Christmas at the mall 2010 Guest Entertainers at SPARC 2 Guest Entertainers at SPARC Justin, Ariff, Brian, M1 4.30.10 Kyle and 2 Micheles 04.30.2010.2 Kyle and Justin Kyle and Kathie 04.30.2010.3 Kyle and Kristen Kyle, Michelle, Bubbles M2, Cleo, Brian, Ariff 4.30.10 On the way to SPARC for Halloween Phillip Dances at SPARC Pottery fun at SPARC Shopping at the Mall at Christmas 2010 Slapshot and the Group 4.30.10 Slapshot from the Washington Capitals Slapshot with Kyle and Cleo SPARC at the Burgers House Inside SPARC at the Burgers House SPARC at the Burgers Outside SPARC Leaders Sparc Moms 2009 SPARC-logo (2) SPARC's 1st Birthday Party