Mom’s Tribute

A Tale of Twenty-two Years

April 1985, the Burger Boys then numbered 3,
Little we knew of what was to be.
With Kyle’s arrival so much was unknown,
In 22 years, my, how much we have all grown.
His condition was identified, a shunt put in place,
Dr. McCullough knew not what we might face.
A few shunt revisions at Children’s in DC, the last in ’89.
Until ‘04, when Dr. Magram’s surgery again made it all fine.
Development came and in some things seemed right,
For more, we prayed with all of our might.
The love and care of his Granny in those early days,
She gave and tended him in so many ways.
The value of that is way beyond measure,
She gave us all memories that we’ll forever treasure.
Drs. Kelly and Behlmer said seizures, for sure.
Dr. Lavinstein agreed, and ACTH shots we did endure.
Each day for 2 months Martha was there,
To give Kyle the shots and my emotions to share.
Oh, if only we could make them forever disappear.
Doctor’s visits, so many, so frequent, we couldn’t keep track,
For great medical care there was no lack.
Dr. McGee was there, be it day or night,
She saw us through times when we thought he might
Not make it, but within this young man, is always the fight.
Pediatrics we visited so many times ‘til one day,
Martha said, to adults Kyle must make his way.
We found Dr.Win who now has the lead,
She’s learning that her help we always need.
With Kaiser came many – Dr. Neas, Kyle’s ears he did fix,
Dr. Nonas found and removed the ruptured appendix.
Dr. Clayton was there to deal with Kyle’s pulmonary,
So many issues, we must ever be wary.
Along with Clayton came Osborn, Leibowitz and Reing,
All of their praises from the rooftops we would sing.
Button by Leibowitz, scoliosis and hip surgery by Reing,
So many parts, so much to do to keep them all working.
How many times did we reside, our days and our nights
In a room at Inova, for each of them to make things work right.
Hospitalizations number 21, for a total of 14 procedures,
How many days, we did not count, but we did endure.
The nurses we’ve had from so many places
Kyle has to be one of their most memorable cases.
I could name many names, but lots were soon forgot.
Nursing skills, they certainly didn’t have a lot.
At Inova we had Cyndi, who gave such good care,
At home, Barbara and Julie, Becky and Tina, nurses so rare.
Special are they who have seen us through thick and thin,
Each battle we fought, they did help us win.
They gave Kyle the care that was oh so needed
How many times were the treatments repeated?
Life was not all doctors, nurses and hospitals,
Let’s not overlook the social and educationals.
Not knowing the future we charted a plan
To help with his life, as Kyle was growing into a man.
We considered the things we could do.
Therapy by Lou, began at month two.
Biweekly she came, for months on end,
She stretched him, toned him and helped him to bend.
At 6months he started with services by the county,
Age 2 saw him begin the school at Sunrise Valley.
The pre-school and flex progam would serve his needs.
We are grateful to the staff for all their good deeds.
Dr. Chung led a group of teachers too numerous to list,
Their caring and devotion no one could resist.
Services by PT and OT, were part of their game,
Kyle’s muscles’ reactions were never the same.
They stretched him and stimulated him so
They never knew which way he would go.
Rosemary holds the record for years to have Kyle,
Working with Wheelchair Wayne, all the while.
For 12 years to our neighborhood school, he went.
At age 14 to South Lakes he would be sent.
The program there had George at the wheel,
For the kids, it was a really great deal.
Seven years for Kyle, the staff who led were oh so keen.
Mrs. Gipson’s homeroom, and then we’ve seen,
Ms. Ward, Mr. Kyle, Mrs. Wilson, Ms. Scheid,
all with aides so many,
Oh what will we do next year when we don’t have any?
When Granny left and went up to heaven on high,
Two angels were sent by God right down from the sky.
Pat came as a sitter, to care for Kyle,
Her massages always made him smile.
She gave to us all and won a huge part,
Residing with us, deep in our hearts.
Then came the nanny named Cleo,
An angel who’s also a Filipino.
At first she was his care just at home.
And then no longer did he go to school alone.
Each day on the bus they would depart
On the events of Mod SD to embark.
Partners are they, friends so dear.
The love they share is oh so clear.
For 22 years, we’ve traveled together,
So many storms we’ve managed to weather.
Our family has faced it all, no matter the plight,
With smiles on our faces and attitudes right.
Our Dad is the head, with strength always shown
The love of his brothers, so valuable to Kyle as he’s grown.
Our network of friends and family stretches forever,
Their strength and support we’ll forget never.

To our lives new meaning Kyle has brought
There’s no way to measure all we’ve been taught.
In 22 years, the questions were many, answers were few,
Somehow, some way, we were guided in what to do.
We have been blessed by the challenges we face,
Because our friends and family are there with grace.

As we continue this journey, with you all by our side,
Thank you and bless you, for coming along for the ride.
Mary Burger
19 May 2007