3 Boys on the Beach Arriving in Hawaii Birthday #1 Boys in funny hats 2010 Boys in SPARC Hats Burgers at the Beach 2009 Christmas 2007 012 Christmas 2008 Cleo and Kyle May 2009 006 Cleo and Pat Granny and the boys 1989 Granny's 80th with Adam Kathie, Kyle Cleo Christmas 2010 Kyle and Cleo at the Beach Kyle and Cleo Kyle and Cyndi J Kyle and Granny Kyle and Tina 2 Kyle at Childrens Hospital the first month he was born Kyle at the beach Kyle's Birthday Kyle's Christening with Pastor Kirk Kyle's new room Kyles Caregiver Cleo Kyles Graduation Party 2007 Pat and Kyle Penn State and Redskins Fan Slapshot and the Burgers Thanksgiving 2009 The Burger Boys 1987 The Burger Boys 1997 The Burger Boys Christmas 2009 The Burger Boys with 1st Baby Sitter GrandMother Rice The Burger Family at the Beach