Mom’s Epilogue

A Tribute and Tale of 22 Years – Becomes 26
Mom’s Epilogue of Appreciation and Accolades to Many

Dear Friends, Family and Loved Ones,

Since October11, I have written in my mind so many words and ways to properly thank each one of you for the many expressions of kindness to all of us.  I would truly love to write each of you and share with you all of the thoughts within my heart.   Instead, I have chosen to use my rhyming to send to you with this thank you and the photograph by Kyle.  I offer my “Epilogue” to “A Tribute and Tale of 22 Years – Now 26”.  Reading is optional, but if you are interested, it is also on the web site for easier reading –
We continue to be touched by the love and caring of so many people who have honored the memory of Kyle in so many ways.  As a result of your generosity, SPARC has established the “Kyle Burger Memorial Fund for the Arts” which will support the therapeutic art 
and music program as well as an annual project by the club members.   Because of you, Kyle’s legacy will forever benefit the young adults in the SPARC  program now and those who will come. We were honored by each of you who came to “Celebrate Kyle Burger” 
and for those who weren’t, we invite you to visit the website to learn and understand more about Kyle’s life through those who spoke and the slides and videos presented by his brothers. Thank you for allowing me to express my love for Kyle who helped me to achieve the proudest accomplishment of my life – being mother to my three sons and Kyle’s advocate for 26+ years.

On 19 May 2007, I wrote:
As we continue this journey, with all of you by our side,
Thank you and bless you, for coming along for the ride.

On, 19 November 2011, I wrote:

It’s frequently said to others, “there are no words”
That can bring peace and comfort
at times when words need to be  heard.

For me now, the words are so many and which to pick
That will say it all, to all I know, in just the right way.

I ask for your patience as I search for the magic
To find the right words to share with you today.

For our family here on earth, our days are not the same.
For Kyle with the angels, he’s traveling with those
Who were waiting in heaven for him to join them there.

His Granny’s open arms and Lindsay waiting to play.
With so many family, some he never knew, 
Kyle now shares the glory of heaven

And freedom with no bounds.

We know and believe that Kyle is in a better place,
But the vision and memories of him by our side,
we can never erase.

Our hearts know this is true, but the emotions are raw. 
We struggle to find peace while the tears still flow.

My tribute is written to honor so many
Who came to our lives because of Kyle and the life he led.
I wish I could make a list and name each and every one,
But that’s a task that could never be done.

The doctors, dentists, specialists, nurses,
Therapists, case managers – all by the score.
The teachers, administrators, aides in classes,
On buses, and so many more.

Kyle’s friends from his schools and the club members of SPARC,
Not only the friends, but their families were also a part.
Families, friends, ministers, neighbors, co-workers all in our world,
Each playing a part in our network of support
That guided us daily to achieve our goal
To make for Kyle a life that could make his world whole.

From as far as CA, FL, CO, MO and MA to name a few
On November 5 so many came to help us celebrate
26 years of a life that knew many things
Struggles, challenges, discomfort in each and every day.

Yet he faced each day and his complaints were few
Because he knew of all the pleasures that were there 
From his family, his friends and all who provided his care.

A celebration of Kyle’s life presented by those
Who knew him best and told of his life.
For those whom Kyle never met, a chance to meet him.
The day was as I wanted “a celebration of life
No “somber farewell”, instead a “send off” to join the angels on high,
To make that Rainbow Connection with all who were there waiting.

In the days recent past, Kyle left us behind
But we have been comforted in so many ways.  
The visits, the flowers, the food – numerous and plenty.
Words of comfort, condolences, thoughts and prayers.
So many, so thoughtful – to cherish forever.

To  SPARC in Kyle’s name, remembrances have come, oh so many.
In the years 2007-2011, SPARC added to Kyle’s life, oh so plenty.

For him and his friends, it made a difference each day.
Because of you, Kyle’s legacy becomes the club members who remain
And all that they will know and experience in his name.
Thank you and bless you for the generosity and love, THANK you again.

I wish I could return to each and every one
A favor, a gift, a thank you that would say
How very much you all are thanked and loved
For reaffirming how wonderful you are, have been and continue to be
With the Burgers on our journey that continues on. 

God blessed our lives for 26 years with the life of Kyle.
Those blessings continue as we take strength from him,
Knowing that he fought and won the battles so many.
The war he has now won, and the battles no longer will be any. 
Keep in your mind’s eye, the vision of Kyle full of glee,
Walking, talking, singing and dancing, 
…………………………………………..forever to be FREE.